Psychic Soho


It’s been 20 years since the visit to SOHO that launched a successful business in the New York City area.

The SOHO Psychic previously lived and worked in Meriden for many years, was asked to come to Saks Fifth Avenue on Greenwich Ave for a store promotion.  “They had her behind the Lancôme counter, and with each $100 purchase, customers were offered a free reading,”  “It was so successful, the line wrapped around the cosmetic counter. And they all wanted follow-ups.”

From that day, The SOHO Psychic was born. 

“It had great energy,” before describing how one of her clients, a woman who wanted to get married and have children, met another of her clients, a man embroiled in a custody battle with his ex. “They met on the bench outside my office,” she recalled of the particular day she was stuck in traffic and running late while her clients waited.

“Today they are married and have three children,” Lee said with a smile. “It was destiny.” 

Lee never complains about her clients, though she acknowledged some of them live in their own world, their wealth the greatest source of their problems.

“In more recent years, I’ve seen more people with more money than God who are down to earth and friendly,” she said. “They’re using their money to help people.”

When clients come to visit The SOHO Psychic, she said she tells them what she sees. “I tell them what I pick up from them — the bad and the good — and at the end of the reading they get to ask me as many questions as they want.”

Badly behaved, or down to earth and generous, The Palm SOHO Psychic maintains her clients’ privacy. So much so that when she was approached with the offer of a book deal titled What I See From the Other Side of the Desk, she demurred.

“I have a lot of celebrity clients who come in “I guard my clients’ privacy fiercely.”

Her early success in Greenwich made it possible to leave Meriden and move her family to SOHO

Like many longtime SOHO residents, she laments some of the changes she sees. These days The SOHO Psychic, whose two sons are grown and married, is a young grandmother, with three grandchildren she adores.

“People go through debt, have children, divorce, drugs and alcohol addiction. It is a helping profession. They don’t just come in here and leave. My job is to tell them how to fix their problems,” she explained.

“Most people come here when they’re desperate. They’re at their worst — at the end of their rope. Their children are addicted to drugs, some are sick, some have problems in their careers. I specialize in relationships and addictions.” Sadly, she said, “They think their money can buy them out of their problems, but it can’t.”

“I don’t do deaths any more,” The SOHO Psychic said, recalling one time in particular when the police asked for her help. She, who said works very well by the water, lived in Cape Cod when she was first married. It was there where she got the call.

“I got a call from police about a missing boy from Boston,” Lee said, the sad memory coming over her face. “They found him. He was already gone. I feel the death of the person – it doesn’t feel good. I stopped doing it after my sons were born.”

What gets her down? Not much, she said, but she did acknowledge that she would like people to be less judgmental and not lump her in with rival psychics.

“I worked really hard to earn my title,” she said. “If I wasn’t truly gifted, I wouldn’t have made it.” Lee said that there are others in her profession who “take advantage of their gift,” and yet others who don’t have the gift and are simply phonies.

At first The SOHO Psychic said it was difficult to adjust to this town. “Some people live on their own planet. So instead of getting annoyed, I would literally teach you to have to be in reality. You can’t just give to a charity for your social life. I teach them about karma and doing the right thing, helping people in need, and not being arrogant.”

She has clients who have standing appointments, some paying by the month for two or three visits a week. Psychic Walk-ins also available.

While she is the Palm Beach Psychic, ”I’m the only one who does the spiritual work,” she said.

What’s in store for the future, we asked? She said she’d like to give back to the community. She said she’d like to find a way to use her big house for a greater purpose and is toying with the idea of creating a non-profit healing center.

“I’m waiting for people to give me ideas,” she said. In the meantime, she will continue to help one person at a time.